Thank you WalMart Shoppers

"The times they are a changing", and if you do not believe this, then please take a moment to read an article in the USA Today such as this one. This article may be surprising to you. The company that environmentalists and labor activists love to hate, Wal-Mart, has gone GREEN. They have developed an environmental consciousness. How could this have happened? Who had enough clout to make Wal-Mart respect the environment?

If you read the article you will realize Wal-Mart has not really changed. Wal-Mart has always been the most astute retailer in the U. S., if not the world. The technique of controlling their suppliers to guarantee the lowest price to their customers may have been invented by Wal-Mart. Globalization of their supply network, again to get the lowest price for their customers, is a hall mark of Wal-Mart. They have an eye for the bottom line. They are driven by their customers' wants and have always given that public what it wants. Their environmental conscience is driven by their understanding that the buying public has changed and has become environmentally friendly. This change in the public attitude to the environment is refreshing.

The buying public is such a nameless and faceless entity that retailers and manufacturers spend billions of dollars to discover where the public is going. In relation to the environment, the public is going in the right direction and taking Wal-Mart with it. Three cheers to the Anonymous Wal-Mart Shoppers, they are doing what lobbyists and special interests groups have been unable to do -- they are saving the environment.

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