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Zycon Global Services has a strong commitment to the American Ideal of hard work, innovation, fair play and respect. We believe that those ideas have shaped and continue to shape our country into the industrial and commercial power it has become. America is made up of every group and segment of the world imaginable. It is not the American pedigree that has made America successful but the common ideas, attitude and world view that has brought us success as a people.

Today some say that America's way of looking at the world no longer applies, and that we as a people can no longer compete in a world full of growing industrial giants. Others say that our country must abandon our values, because those values hold us back in a changing world. In fact it is said that those values do not apply, and that to succeed, today, a company must adopt a cut throat attitude. Under this world view corporate responsibility has become a value of the past. If it improves the bottom line it can and must be done.

Zycon disagrees. We believe that it is possible to succeed and to adhere to ethics and responsibility. In fact, we believe that success comes from such an attitude.

To honor this traditional road to success, and to point out that American Attributes still apply and really do work, we are setting up this blog.

We invite all our customers, friends, and others to send us stories of
American companies that are successful in today's difficult market

Send all articles and stories to blogs [[AT]] zycon [[DOT]] com

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