Five Tips for Reducing Your Fuel Bill with MultiFuel Stoves

More people than ever are facing fuel bills they simply can't afford to pay. In addition, the Earth's resources are rapidly being depleted. Eco-aware folks, however, are doing their part of save money on fuel and save fossil resources by turning to multifuel stoves. Read on for some tips for reducing your traditional fuel bill and maximizing the effectiveness of multifuel stoves. [More]

"What Carbon Footprint?" Asks Coil Coater

In case you haven't heard, our planet is getting warmer. At what rate it is occurring or how much human activity has to do with the increasing temperatures is a heated debate. One thing we do know for sure...carbon dioxide (CO2) is a contributing factor in global warming and humans are responsible for a large portion of these emissions. Things are much different today than they were even five years ago; individuals and businesses alike are trying to reduce their environmental impact and GHG (Green House Gas) emissions. What the average person does not realize is that they have two types of footprints, a primary and secondary. The primary footprint is a measure of our direct emissions of CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels including domestic energy consumption and transportation, e.g. car and plane. The secondary footprint is a measure of indirect CO2 emissions from the whole lifecycle of products we use, those associated with their manufacturing and eventual breakdown. To put it simply – the more we buy, the more emissions will be caused on our behalf. [More]

60% Energy Savings on Full Wave/AC Vibrators vs Half Wave/DC Vibrators

As electricity costs increase, people are looking for more and more ways to reduce everyday costs. One such way to reduce costs while using vibratory feeders is to use a full wave/AC feeder instead of a half wave/DC feeder. Even though up-front costs are greater, by switching to full wave vibratory feeders, one can quickly reclaim costs by taking advantage of up to 60% energy savings! [More]

Having Fun while Going Green

Going green can be fun...and tasty! Check out this "green house" from a cookie and chocolate-making company. [More]

Per Capita Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Polluters

Some have suggested that a penalty system be established for those countries with the highest per capita carbon dioxide emissions. For example, even though China has a higher CO2 output than the U.S., its apportioned output is less than the US. As such, should the U.S. be penalized for this? [More]

Ethanol -- What is it Good For?

Ethanol (also known as E-85) has been the talk of the world in recent years. Although it has great benefits to our current global warming problem, amongst others, it does not seem to be the great golden solution. The process of generating ethanol has its own problems, as discussed inside. [More]

The Age of Discovery is Not Yet Over

Professor Wysession, a seismologist at Washington University, has discovered a large body of water the size of the Arctic Ocean at the core-mantel boundary of Earth. Interesting enough, this discovery happened while studying earthquakes! [More]

Ocean Temperatures and Global Warming

A professor of Physics of the Oceans at Potsdam University warns that global warming is having a greater and quicker effect on the oceans than we first thought. He adds that if we do not act now, the effects of global warming on the oceans will be irreversible. [More]

Garbage In... Power Out

There's a popular saying, "Garbage in... garbage out". The US Military, assisted by Purdue University, has a different idea, "garbage in... power out!" A new Tactial Biorefinery has the ability to convert garbage into energy. In fact, it produces far more energy than it actually consumes. Will landfills be a thing of the past? [More]

Update on Wind Power

In continuation of our discussion of alternative energy sources like wind power, we are happy to note that Texas has leased 11,000 acres of land in hopes of producing enough electricity through wind to power 40,000 homes. In addition, we also learned some interesting statistics... [More]

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