Future Weekend "Honey-Do" List May Include 'Test 3D Printer'

Snake the drain first thing Saturday morning followed by seeding and watering the lawn. After that, maybe take a look at the gutters and make sure that they are clear. If you have time and you haven't fallen asleep on the hammock, test fully functional 3D printer. Huh, whaaa? Most of those in manu... [More]

US Manufacturing: What One Company Did to Keep Jobs in the U.S.

Written in editorial form, this article explores the topic of U.S Manufacturing, and what one company did to preserve jobs inside the U.S. [More]

Bush Tax Cuts: Expire or Not To Expire. That is the Question

With the upcoming election just around the corner, the Republicans and Democrats are about as far as apart as you can get when it comes to an agreement on what to do with the soon to expire Bush Tax Cuts. One camp wants to extend them or even make them permanent, while the other would like to do away with them all together; or at least let them expire on those making over $250K. We would like to hear your opinion. [More]

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Most people have probably heard "money doesn't buy happiness." Is it true that the more money we make, the more happy we are, or is there a "point of diminishing returns?" Take a look at our excerpt from Scientific American magazine for some interesting points. [More]

Improving Working Conditions through the International Labour Organization (ILO)

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, international standards for safe working conditions and pollution standards are a concern at Zycon. Fortunately, there are other organizations supporting worker safety, too, one of which is the ILO, or International Labour Organization. [More]

A Tall Order for a Small Shoe

Automobile makers throughout the world are playing the "Small Car Race" making small, safe, fuel-efficient vehicles. In Germany, DaimlerChrysler has come up with a baby shoe-shaped "Smart" car that can get over 50 MPG and is safe. [More]

Individual Contributions to Manufacturing

Surprising as it may seem, several processes in the manufacturing originate not from a committee, but rather a single individual such as the one referenced here... [More]

Education -- What is it Good For?

What can education do for you as a person and for you as part of society? Is education the way out of ignorance, poverty, dependence, and superstition? Can the answer to a world peace be as simple as education? [More]

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