To Russia with Love: Is the West in too Much of a Rush to Capitalize on Russia's Oil Dollars?

While Russia is swimming in its black gold, the west is seeing green. Also, at the end of 2012, the U.S. granted "Permanent Normal Trade Relations". A lot of companies, including GM, Volkswagen, and others have been looking to Russia, backed by oil, as a potential huge sales market. Despite this, however, there are some dark clouds over this cheery spend and play atmosphere. [More]

Is the Tea Party Over or Do they Keep Marching on?

Now that the dust is starting to clear—probably—from this past election, this might be a good time to pour a cup of comforting tea; light an aromatic candle (a vanilla scented one is nice); find your favorite comfy chair; plop down, lean back and then ask yourself, "Did the Tea Party cost the Republicans the election?" [More]

Down to the Wire! More Obamadrama or Will There be an Outbreak of Romensia?

Are you seeing that the economy is steadily, yet slowly, approving and are leaning towards staying the course, or do you think that we desperately need a change in office to get this country back on track? [More]

Masterpiece 'Political' Theater: Should Washington Continue Spending on PBS & NPR?

Usually around election time or when congress goes through one of those pleasant and courteous Federal spending and budget negotiations, the question always arises should the Federal Government dole out and support with tax payer money, PBS and NPR? [More]

Bush Tax Cuts: Expire or Not To Expire. That is the Question

With the upcoming election just around the corner, the Republicans and Democrats are about as far as apart as you can get when it comes to an agreement on what to do with the soon to expire Bush Tax Cuts. One camp wants to extend them or even make them permanent, while the other would like to do away with them all together; or at least let them expire on those making over $250K. We would like to hear your opinion. [More]

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