To Russia with Love: Is the West in too Much of a Rush to Capitalize on Russia's Oil Dollars?

While Russia is swimming in its black gold, the west is seeing green. Also, at the end of 2012, the U.S. granted "Permanent Normal Trade Relations". A lot of companies, including GM, Volkswagen, and others have been looking to Russia, backed by oil, as a potential huge sales market. Despite this, however, there are some dark clouds over this cheery spend and play atmosphere. [More]

The Modern Lifting Point

Many manufacturing organizations are unaware that the use of inappropriate lifting points and incorrect applications of eyebolts significantly increases the probability of failures. The solution to this problem is the use of proper lifting points that adjust to the direction of the pull which allows full engagement of the bolt, insuring a safe lift. [More]

Deciding on Accessories to be Ordered When Purchasing a Vibratory Bowl Feeder

While buying a vibratory bowl feeder, one requires to purchase some accessories along with the same. If the right type of accessories are purchased along with the vibratory bowl feeder, then integration with your machine becomes easy. Otherwise, one has to manufacture such accessories after the vibratory part feeder arrives and thus a lot of time is lost in the same. Secondly, as vibratory bowl feeder manufacturers keep a lot of accessories in stock, it helps to order these items from them so that integration issues are negligible. [More]

Watchdog or Willing Partner?

A study by the University of California researchers and articles published in the JAMA and the American Journal of Therapeutics slam the FDA's testing procedures for approving the effectiveness of a medical device prior to its launch and use. Of course, the FDA disagrees and says incorrect assumptions were made. [More]

How to Write a Successful Press Release

Tips and suggestions about writing news releases and product announcements. Although there isn't necessarily a wrong way and a right way, if you follow some basic principles, you may have a lot better success getting the press release published. [More]

President Obama: End Wall Street Fraud and Give States Control of Mortgage Bailout

An open letter to President Obama regarding the Wall Street bailout, CDOs, and the mortgage industry, and why mortgages should be given back to the local banks, like it was years and years ago. [More]

How Wall Street and Banks Dodge the IRS Making Trillions on CDO Scheme and Still Get Taxpayer Bailout

Learn how Wall Street and banks made trillions on offshore CDO scheme and got taxpayer bailout. [More]

The Bailout in the Manufacturing and Financial Sectors

Editorial about the US Government bailout and the difference between the financial industry quickly receiving a payout with little to no questions asked, while the automotive manufacturing industry is forced through hoops, delayed any assistance or support, and told to justify every cent of a possible bailout for them. [More]

A Cow Named Marge

Sometimes we can't sense or picture innovation, even though it may be right in front of our faces. Case in point, researchers in New Zealand have discovered a cow that naturally produces low-fat skim milk. Now, it's simply a matter of creating a new herd of similar cows. [More]

Do Cell Phones Kill Bees?

It has been reported that over 20% of the commercial bees in Europe and the USA have been mysteriously killed off. Various research has showed that one possible reason for the drop in bee population is the use of cell phones and the radiation they emit! If this is indeed the case, who knows what other harm this may bring us. [More]

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