The Robotic Elephant in the Room: There May be No Choice When it Comes to the Robot vs. Worker Question

In a recent article by Paul Krugman, NYT OP-ED, he floated the idea that the increased development of robotic and automation technology, coupled with the financialization of manufacturing, is slowing hiring in the manufacturing sector and will start displacing workers in other sectors as well. I believe there is an even more sinister element at work that could mark an ongoing hiring decline, not only in manufacturing, but medical and office industries too...EFFICIENCY! [More]

The Modern Lifting Point

Many manufacturing organizations are unaware that the use of inappropriate lifting points and incorrect applications of eyebolts significantly increases the probability of failures. The solution to this problem is the use of proper lifting points that adjust to the direction of the pull which allows full engagement of the bolt, insuring a safe lift. [More]

Deciding on Accessories to be Ordered When Purchasing a Vibratory Bowl Feeder

While buying a vibratory bowl feeder, one requires to purchase some accessories along with the same. If the right type of accessories are purchased along with the vibratory bowl feeder, then integration with your machine becomes easy. Otherwise, one has to manufacture such accessories after the vibratory part feeder arrives and thus a lot of time is lost in the same. Secondly, as vibratory bowl feeder manufacturers keep a lot of accessories in stock, it helps to order these items from them so that integration issues are negligible. [More]

60% Energy Savings on Full Wave/AC Vibrators vs Half Wave/DC Vibrators

As electricity costs increase, people are looking for more and more ways to reduce everyday costs. One such way to reduce costs while using vibratory feeders is to use a full wave/AC feeder instead of a half wave/DC feeder. Even though up-front costs are greater, by switching to full wave vibratory feeders, one can quickly reclaim costs by taking advantage of up to 60% energy savings! [More]

The "ABCs" of Polyethylene Tanks

Sierra Sales - The Tank People has provided Zycon and its users detailed information about polyethylene (poly) tanks, including purchasing considerations and caveats. [More]

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