Nevermind the Bullocks: Outsourcing and the Great Corporate Tax Swindle

It was a big part of the last presidential campaign and most assuredly will be part of the on-going debt ceiling-financial cliff-econopalyspe discussion that will be taking place over the next few FOREVER! Also, because it's the start of the New Year, our thoughts will slowly start drifting to one of our favorite seasons of the year: Tax Season, or more specifically, Corporate Tax Season. One of the heated arguments that was pretty constant and ongoing during the presidential election is how high America's corporate tax rate is compared to the other industrial powers in the world. Politicians, corporate business leaders, bankers, manufacturers- everybody that has a stake in, opinion of or participates in outsourcing- point to America's burdening and suffocating corporate tax as the great push for these companies to go overseas. Is America's corporate tax rate really that high though? Read more to find out. [More]

Possible Trend Developing with Foxconn Mulling US Plants?

Taiwanese mega giant electronics manufacturer, Foxconn, may be considering opening a plant or plants in the US sometime soon. Reports have them looking at and doing evaluations in cities such as Detroit and LA. Is this simply a PR stunt or a start of a new 'insourcing' trend? [More]

Voluntary Global System for Worker Safety and Pollution Standards

An expansion of blogs from 4/18/2006 and 4/21/2006 regarding the proposal of a global voluntary system to be adopted by manufacturers to improve working conditions and pollution standards. [More]

Individual Contributions to Manufacturing

Surprising as it may seem, several processes in the manufacturing originate not from a committee, but rather a single individual such as the one referenced here... [More]

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