Is the Tea Party Over or Do they Keep Marching on?

Now that the dust is starting to clear—probably—from this past election, this might be a good time to pour a cup of comforting tea; light an aromatic candle (a vanilla scented one is nice); find your favorite comfy chair; plop down, lean back and then ask yourself, "Did the Tea Party cost the Republicans the election?"

Let's face it, President Obama basically won by running on his radical and revolutionary 'Could be Worse' platform. Well, not exactly. Part of the issue can’t be hidden that in this election, and even in 2010 (remember Christine O'Donnell? Sharron Angle?), some of the ‘Tea Party-esque' candidates running might have been a little lacking and kind of sketchy in the 'not exactly there' department.

Because of the election outcome, is the Tea Party starting, or continuing for that matter, to lose its clout with more mainstream-minded voters and almost more importantly, its pull and effect of members of congress?
What do you think?

Remember, very quickly the looming "Fiscal Cliff" budget, discussion is going to begin. A little over a year ago or so, the Tea Party had a huge influence over the negotiations for the extension that got us to this point. Will they have the same influence this time around?  Will Republican leaders, stinging from the election defeat, blame and in turn distance themselves from the Tea Party?

Will the Tea Party continue to be a major force in American politics or is their star fading quicker than what little remained of Donald Trump's credibility?

Do you think the Tea Party lost the election for the Republicans and because of that, will be weakened? Or, do you think that this is an ongoing struggle and they will remain strong and still an influence?

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