"Engage Cloaking Device!"

Could we actually be saying this in the near future? Technology today is on a fast track. So fast at times it seems that Science Fiction can not keep up, let alone stay ahead of real life technological innovation. In the past few months, several journals have had news of a real life cloaking device. If you are a fan of "Star Trek" or "Harry Potter," you will recognize that this invisibility device is already perfected in the world of Science Fiction. The Romulans and Klingons were the first to perfect this device in that fictional world. Other products have already made the transition from Science Fiction to real life.

The most recognized device in Star Trek to have made it into the real world is Captain Kirk's Communicator. If you think about it, the standard cell phone in use by the average teenager runs rings around Star Trek's Communicator. Captain Kirk never got his device to take pictures, download music or play video games. Had the writers of Star Trek given the capacity of today's average teen cell phone to their Communicator, in the 1967 TV show, it would have been too far fetched to be believed. If they are now working on a cloaking device, perhaps the transporter can’t be too far behind!

To read about cloaking technology, click on http://www.jyi.org/news/nb.php?id=894 to go to the Journal of Young Investigators.

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