An Evolution Out of Thin Air...Or Not?

In this modern age of technology, it often seems that new products just materialize out of thin air.  One day out of the clear blue sky, a new product appears and revolutionizes how we do things. The Apple iPod is such a product.  We often fail to recognize the scientific research needed to facilitate the engineering of these new products. The iPod was made possible by a huge jump forward in computer storage technology. This jump in technology was made possible by an advance in physics, Giant magneto-resistance (GMR), back in 1988 by Peter Grünberg and Albert Fert. GMR is the scientific basis behind today’s large computer hard drives.

These two scientists are now receiving recognition for their achievements. They are receiving the top scientific award from the Japanese and Israeli Governments. They are also top contenders for the Noble Peace Prize in Physics.

To learn about this engineering advance see "The Week in Germany: Business and Technology":

To learn more about Peter Grünberg:

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