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Michael Eisner recently announced the formation of Vuguru Studios. Outside the entertainment industry, such an announcement might not be considered shattering news. Mr. Eisner is no stranger to the entertainment industry and his resume as former Disney CEO proves it. What is exceptional about the new studio is the medium that Vuguru will be exploiting. Mr. Eisner is taking the mainline Entertainment Establishment onto the Internet. His new studio will market an original movie in daily 90 second installments. The distribution will be on various Internet sites. At Zycon, we are always impressed with creativity and innovation, and the Internet has been the home of a great deal of innovation such as YouTube and MySpace.  The Internet is constantly changing with use. Now as it becomes a medium for mainline businesses, the changes made will be interesting and unpredictable. I have taken an informal poll of Zycon staff and the general consensus is that any movie that is doled out in 90 second installments would be too difficult to follow. It will be interesting to see if this new entertainment venue is universally accepted.

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