Robotics Competition

The student's world in high school is competitive; competition in sports, competition in academics and competition in social life. This Competition is as much a part of training for life after graduation as are all the lessons and books that the students work their way through in the class room.

Competition is good. Competition forces those who compete to face reality. Competitors recognize that rewards go to those who put out the effort and hard work to win, and is an important lesson schools need to teach. The best way of teaching competition is to allow students to compete. Sponsored academic competitions are necessary but are hard to find. Most school systems are so short of funds that inter-school competitions are rare events. Even sports programs are in danger of disappearing.

One competition open to high school students that is growing in popularity, is Robotics Competition. There is a competition at Chicago University the weekend of March 17, 2006. The world of robotics competition is a proving ground for future engineers. It teaches those who participate that their efforts do count. Success is a result of inspiration, intelligence and hard work. Even loosing a competition teaches a lesson. A loss teaches how to accept the responsibility for that loss and how to move on to win in the next competition. If there is no possibility of loss there is no value in victory. These robotic competitions are provided through the participation of businesses. Some of these corporations have names that are recognized and others are not so well known. These competitions are held through out the nation. Zycon takes this opportunity to thank those Corporate Sponsors for their support and to invite those interested in real competition to visit a robotics competition nearby.

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